Pakistan Institute of Community Ophthalmology

Murad Eye Bank

PICO has the state of the art eye bank facility, where corneal transplants are made possible for the   corneal blind patients. This is remarkable service of PICO, HMC in the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa.
Purpose of the Murad Eye Bank is to fight against the blindness through providing quality corneal services to the poor deserving patients. To do so Murad Eye Bank collects eyes from donors, within the country and international corneal donor organizations and to provide corneal tissues, operation and treatment facilities to patients of corneal morbidity.

Murad Eye Bank is having collaboration with Sri Lanka Eye Donation Society, to provide Corneal Graft to Murad Eye Bank. Keratoplasty charges are US $ 600 which includes cost of cornea,  Transportation charges and logistics charges, which is very reasonable as compared to private eye banks that charges Pak rupees equivalent to more than US $ 1000 for the corneal transplant. However some Government Organizations such as Tanzeem Lissaail-e-walMahroom and Pakistan Bait ul Mal provides full financial support to the poor deserving patients. Lion's Club is also one of the private organizations that support poor patients of Keratroplasty.

Murad Eye Bank provides following services to corneal blind patients.

  • Provision of corneal tissues.
  • Provision of corneal transplant facilities.
  • Support of poor patients.
  • Providing corneal grafts is the main function of Murad Eye Bank.
  • In this regards Murad Eye Bank imports
  • Corneas from Sri Lanka Eye Donation Society that are Provided to Corneal Blind Patients.
Year No. of Patients Operated
2017 32
2016 16
2015 17